Journal Review: Supporting Listening Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisition with Multimedia Annotations: The Students’ Voice




Supporting Listening Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisition with Multimedia Annotations: The Students’ Voice
Journal Calico
Volume and Page Vol. 21, No. 1; August 2003, Hlm: 41-65
Years 2003
Writter Linda C. Jones
Reviewer Khusyairiyah (1401120977)
Date 20th  Mei, 2016
Purpose of  Research Listening comprehension activities provide students with the aural component of the target language to help them better hear the intricate sounds, enunciations, and content and develop their abilities to communicate with others in a target language
Subject of Research English-speaking students enrolled in second semester beginning French at the University of Arkansas
Data Assesment The Research uses several ways :

1.    Demographic Questionnaire

2.    Interview

3.    Data Analysis

Method of Research The  Research Use two Methods:

1.    Quantitative Component

2.    Qualitative Method

Stage of  Result The Research is divided into several stages :

Preparing for Strategic Planning for Students’ Voice

Setting Up The Matter of  Pretest and Posttest for Observation on students’ comprehension of the aural passage and their acquisition of vocabulary

Determine The Steps and Scoring

Preparing the Materials which will be used for Research to Supporting Listening Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisition with Multimedia Annotations

Result of Research The Analysis Result of  The Research Conducted is :

The students performed best when they had access to visual and verbal annotations, moderately well when they had access to visual or verbal annotations alone, and poorest when no annotations were available to them. In most instances, access to multiple annotations led to significantly higher results than the other annotations. Students’ voices, in addition to the quantitative results summarized above, ex­tend Mayer’s generative theory of multimedia learning to listening comprehension since selection from the material available and construction of referential connections between visual, verbal, and aural representations gave students more retrieval routes to the information to recall vocabulary words and to comprehend the passage.

Strength ofResearch 1.    The Theoretical Basis is Right

2.    Using many of  The Analysis  Methods

Weakness ofResearch There are several materials which can be enhanced, namely:

A.   Methodology

1.   Quantitative Component

Nothing treatment foundation for use it, it has to include references from books or articles about the use of treatment.

“(a) without access to annota­tions, (b) with only verbal annotations available, (c) with only visual annotations available, and (d) with both visual and verbal annotations available”

Detail about the pretest and post-test was not included, so it does not convince the reader that strategy was carried out or not.

2.   Quantitative

No attachments on what is being asked to students at the time in interview takes place.

Data analysis is little bit, it seems less convincing in research conducted.

Conclusion This research is still in need of repair, so it needs for criticism and suggestions.

The strategy used to be very helpful in this research.

In this journal can help the student to the face listening comprehension.

Journal Review: Effect of Using Video Materials in the Teaching of Listening Skills for University Students


Title Effect of Using Video Materials in the Teaching of Listening Skills for University Students
Journal International Journal of Linguistics
Volume & Page Vol.6 No.4 Page 200-212 2014
Year 2014
Author KretsaiWoottipong
Reviewer Sugiannor (1101120705)
Date 22 May 2016


Purpose the research The purposes of the study are:

To develop listening skills of university students studying English with the use of video materials.

To evaluate students’ attitudes towards the use of video materials in teaching listening skills.

Subject the research The subject of this study is 41 first-year English major students in the second semester of the academic year 2012 at Thaksin University, Thailand. They were selected by random sampling.
Data assessment ·     Pretest-posttest

·     Questionnaire

Methodology Experimental Group (One Group)
Procedures The procedures of the study were :

The learning procedures and learning objectives were described to the students step-by-step.

The students took the pre-test.

The students learned with the video, covering 20 periods over 7 weeks.

The group was assigned to do the post- test.

The scores on the pre-test and post-test were statistically analyzed, compared, and interpreted using mean and t-test for dependent samples.

The students in the experimental group were assigned to respond to a questionnaire regarding their attitude towards the use of videos in teaching listening skills.

The results from the questionnaire were used to calculate the mean score of a particular comment and overall comments in order to gauge the students’ opinions.

Result The result of this study were :

According to the result of the t-test which was -20.248, it can be concluded that the learning achievement of students’ post-test is higher than the pre-test at a significance level of 0.05. The students’ English listening comprehension ability increased significantly after learning with the videos.

Students had positive attitudes towards using the videos in teaching listening skills.

The Strength of the research ·     There are many references in this study

·     The writer included good explanation in introduction

The Weakness of the research In methodology, the writer only has one group. It should be compared in two groups. One of control group, and the other of experimental group.

Speech Script: Patient (Patience) by Eka Saputri

Image source:


Eka Saputri
SRN: 1301120862

A Muslim should have a prophetic character, namely akhlakul karimah. As long as we do not have good manners, it has not been said to believe. One of the many akhlakul karimah is patience, because patient is characteristic of Muslim.

Prophet said, “Patience is light,” meaning that patience was the guidance that comes from God. Namely a torch guiding one to know God and His Apostle, and to know and practice His teachings, His commandments and avoid all prohibitions. Hence one who remained upright survive so it can subdue the passions urge continuously, then he was among those who wait.

Sayyidina Ali bin Abi Talib once advised, “One should not be afraid of except to sin, should not expect to his Lord. If learn cannot be ashamed if he did not know. Do not be shy stated” I cannot “. And know that patience in the face all the problems such as the head of the body, and if the head was off from her, then corrupted the agency. Likewise, if the patient off of an matter, the affair is corrupted.”

Patience is the teaching aplenty mentioned in the Qur’an and hadith, so people always directed to always be patient role in his life. Patience is actually the ability to control the attitude, so it can be sincere and willing to accept the conditions at hand in order to get a good reward in the Hereafter.

Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah:153
يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اسْتَعِينُوا بِالصَّبْرِ وَالصَّلَاةِ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ مَعَ الصَّابِرِينَ
“O ye who believe, and teach patience and prayers as your helper, verily Allah is with those who steadfastly persevere.”

To measure the extent to which the levels of one’s faith and patience, then Allah then bestows a test. Only the exam there is a mild and there were heavy.

Test or temptations that are sometimes in the form of benefit, such as possessions, position and so forth. There is also in the form of an unpleasant, such as disaster and suffering. Against the exam, both of which contain the pleasure or misfortune, then the nature of the patient is something that can make the antidote.

Many people assume that it means patience will humble them and submit to the state for granted. Patience means allowing oneself to drift in a state or abandon the attempt without trying to find a way out, without willing to improve and do business.

Actually, such assumption is not true. Patience is meant by religion is sincere in the face of trial or test either way, trying to find a way out that is ihktiar, and persisted for the firm in the faith, and is not reduced deeds executed.

Patience has a great position in Islam, even all religious affairs standing over the patient, namely:
• Patience in running order of Allah Ta’ala
• Patience in away from his ban
• Patience in the face disaster faced.

As between the promise of God for believers who are patient are:
• God will reward him without a count.
• With the disaster (if patient and expect a reward from Allah) God will eliminate sin.
• God will uplift the people are steadfast in the face of temptation of God.

Note: This speech script is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya. Perhaps this publication is useful for students/people who are browsing the example of English speech (Islamic English speech).





Speech Script: Ramadhan Fasting by Eni Andri Ani


Eni Andri Ani
SRN: 1301120860

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

The honorable Mr. Aris Sugianto, M.Pd. As a Public Speaking Lecturer and Respectable all my beloved friends.

First of all, let’s express our gratitude unto the Allah SWT, The lord of the world who always gives us blessings and mercies. So we can attend and gather in this nice place in good condition and happy situation.

Secondly, Sholawat and Salam always be with our Prophet Muhammad SAW, who has guided us from the darkness to the lightness in the world as well as in the next world.

Thirdly, I will never forget to thank Mr. Aris Sugianto who has given me opportunity to deliver my speech in front of you all. In this occasion, I would like to present my speech entitled: “FASTING”.
Fasting is to refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.

The holy month Ramadhan has a special place in Islam. Therefore, Our Prophet Muhammad SAW and his disciples show great concern for this noble month.

In the Chapter Al-Baqarah verse 183 Allah SWT saying :

Means: those who believe in the compulsory upon you fast as enjoined upon those before you that you to devout.

Fasting is decreed by Allah SWT to the nation of Prophet Muhammad SAW and in the same way, He had decreed to the nations before them. According to a tradition of the prophet that every good work of Adam’s offspring is rewarded by a margin between tenfold to seven hundred fold except fasting.

In this regard Allah SWT says: “Fasting is for me and i will reward it in accordance with the degree of dedication and sincerity in the act of fasting”.

All my happy friends,,,

The Prophet Muhammad SAW urges Muslims to do fasting seriously and to avoid actions or utterances that would spoil their fasting or invalidate it completely.

Our prophet Muhammad SAW give his example in his famous narrate saying: “One who didn’t keep of his fasting he would not reach anything except thirst and hunger ”.

In the holy month of Ramadhan, every Muslim is urged not only to abstain from food, drink, and sex, but also from sins that can be committed through the eyes, ears , lips and heart.

“If my nation know the virtues of Ramadhan they would have wished the whole year to be Ramadhan”.
And indeed, this will be true that Ramadhan is a month in which the doors of heaven are opened , the doors of hell are closed and the major devils , all are chained to help Muslims to worship Allah with dedication.

Similarly, he urged his followers to enliven these nights to search the special night which is called “ Lailatul Qadr “ in which angels are led by Gabril descend on earth and pray for mercy for the faithful.

That’s all my speech, please forgive me if you found a lot of mistakes, I do appreciate to your nice attention, my God bless us forever.

Thank you very much, good morning.

Wassalamu a’laikum Wr. Wb.

Note: This speech script is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya. Perhaps this publication is useful for students/people who are browsing the example of English speech (Islamic English speech).


Drama: The Mystery of Boarding House

The Mystery of Boarding House

Horror comedy story acted by the students of English Education Study Program, State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Palangka Raya. This activity was assigned to the students in order to practice and improve their speaking ability. So the focus is the speaking ability.The acting ability and limited assets (costume and setting) are only additional to complete and facilitate the conversation context.


Best Tricks of Learning English Listening by Teguh Irwansyah

Some Tricks of Learning English Listening
Image source:

Some Tricks of Learning English Listening

Teguh Irwansyah
SRN : 1301120916

In many English examination or test, listening section always become the hardest section between the other section like structure, reading, and speaking. The time that is given in the test is very fast and then the unclear pronunciation from the native speaker. People always make it as the reason why many people failed and cannot pass listening test with a good score. What is the problem about that? Do not judge the listening learning method which is used in course or the style of delivering from the teacher which is not suitable. But ask to yourself. Have you familiar with English?

The grammar comprehension can be improved because of practicing grammar items, speaking skill, and pronunciation can be improved by practicing speaking in English, and then how listening skill can be improved? Same as the other English skills, listening skill can be improved naturally if we can be familiar with the English listening conversation. But, we have to remember, listening in English does not mean “listen” (mendengar), but it means “gather” (menyimak). So today you have to try to listen every conversation in the listening section.

In learning English listening, we must have much patience. Because making our ears familiar with the English listening is not an easy job. Adaption skill that people have is also different. People who have been familiar with English songs or English conversation will be easier to adapt with listening. Learning listening will also be easier for those who are in the English environment. Logically, we have to know the way of reading well before we can write well. As well as we have to learn English listening first, before at the end we can improve our speaking skill fluently.

These are some tips how to learn English listening

1. Practicing by Listening English Radio
You have to find English radio station in the internet. You have to choose the station which you like. As often as you practice will be help you to be familiar with pronunciation, conversation, and terms in English.
2. Practicing by Watching English Movie Without Subtitle
This way is one of the interesting learning English. You can choose the movie that you really like. The concept of the movie has gesture and body language, and it will be easier to be learned.
3. Practicing by Listening English Songs
By doing this you can be familiar with English listening. Music is one of the interesting media which is easy to be remembered and learned.
4. Joining Listening Class
This is the last way to learn listening. You can join listening class everywhere you want. If you join this, you will be taught by the tutor who really mastered this material.

Note: Article is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya.



Share! How to Keep Relationship among Friends by Nana Apriliana

How to keep Relationship between Friends
Image source:

How to Keep Relationship among Friends

Nana Apriliana
SRN : 1301120881

1. Often give helped to your friend if you can. Do not hope your friend will reply your helped
2. Do not be jealous of her, he does have an advantage, but we are too. The advantages and disadvantages with her will not be always the same.

3. When condition support, make a kidding with friends. Make her laugh and that more state support again, let interlude ridicule but not too deep.

4. Do not hesitate to apologize if doing wrong. And most importantly, do not always feel the most correct.

5. If it is not a serious problem, face it with a smile. Create a more relaxed atmosphere to avoid a fuss.

6. Be a good listener and give a solution to every problem he. If so, he must do the same.

7. At times, we sacrifice for him. Not something heavy if it is not too detrimental.

8. Mutual visiting each place, also can be a way to maintain friendly relations.

9. Trying to close to his family. To make your stay comfortable atmosphere when there is in place a friend.

10. When you are forced to compete, compete for someone for example. Compete to be healthier or better yet succumb to a friend. We could for another time, sure anything with it.

Note: Article is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya.