Best Tricks of Learning English Listening by Teguh Irwansyah

Some Tricks of Learning English Listening
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Some Tricks of Learning English Listening

Teguh Irwansyah
SRN : 1301120916

In many English examination or test, listening section always become the hardest section between the other section like structure, reading, and speaking. The time that is given in the test is very fast and then the unclear pronunciation from the native speaker. People always make it as the reason why many people failed and cannot pass listening test with a good score. What is the problem about that? Do not judge the listening learning method which is used in course or the style of delivering from the teacher which is not suitable. But ask to yourself. Have you familiar with English?

The grammar comprehension can be improved because of practicing grammar items, speaking skill, and pronunciation can be improved by practicing speaking in English, and then how listening skill can be improved? Same as the other English skills, listening skill can be improved naturally if we can be familiar with the English listening conversation. But, we have to remember, listening in English does not mean “listen” (mendengar), but it means “gather” (menyimak). So today you have to try to listen every conversation in the listening section.

In learning English listening, we must have much patience. Because making our ears familiar with the English listening is not an easy job. Adaption skill that people have is also different. People who have been familiar with English songs or English conversation will be easier to adapt with listening. Learning listening will also be easier for those who are in the English environment. Logically, we have to know the way of reading well before we can write well. As well as we have to learn English listening first, before at the end we can improve our speaking skill fluently.

These are some tips how to learn English listening

1. Practicing by Listening English Radio
You have to find English radio station in the internet. You have to choose the station which you like. As often as you practice will be help you to be familiar with pronunciation, conversation, and terms in English.
2. Practicing by Watching English Movie Without Subtitle
This way is one of the interesting learning English. You can choose the movie that you really like. The concept of the movie has gesture and body language, and it will be easier to be learned.
3. Practicing by Listening English Songs
By doing this you can be familiar with English listening. Music is one of the interesting media which is easy to be remembered and learned.
4. Joining Listening Class
This is the last way to learn listening. You can join listening class everywhere you want. If you join this, you will be taught by the tutor who really mastered this material.

Note: Article is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya.



Share! How to Keep Relationship among Friends by Nana Apriliana

How to keep Relationship between Friends
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How to Keep Relationship among Friends

Nana Apriliana
SRN : 1301120881

1. Often give helped to your friend if you can. Do not hope your friend will reply your helped
2. Do not be jealous of her, he does have an advantage, but we are too. The advantages and disadvantages with her will not be always the same.

3. When condition support, make a kidding with friends. Make her laugh and that more state support again, let interlude ridicule but not too deep.

4. Do not hesitate to apologize if doing wrong. And most importantly, do not always feel the most correct.

5. If it is not a serious problem, face it with a smile. Create a more relaxed atmosphere to avoid a fuss.

6. Be a good listener and give a solution to every problem he. If so, he must do the same.

7. At times, we sacrifice for him. Not something heavy if it is not too detrimental.

8. Mutual visiting each place, also can be a way to maintain friendly relations.

9. Trying to close to his family. To make your stay comfortable atmosphere when there is in place a friend.

10. When you are forced to compete, compete for someone for example. Compete to be healthier or better yet succumb to a friend. We could for another time, sure anything with it.

Note: Article is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya.




Earnestness of Islamic Education for Teens by Fedry Fajar

earnestness of islamic education for teens
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Earnestness of Islamic Education for Teens

Fedry Fajar
SRN : 1301120914

Instruction is a vital variable for the advancement of a country, in light of the fact that it is said to be effective if the up and coming era of value and quality in order to create a propelled state request in all angles. Consequences of instruction and the procurement of offices to this at any rate in written history a few improvements in science and revelation by researchers Muslim researchers. Some of these include: The field of medication, the Muslims succeeded in adding to a system of anesthesia without precedent for the historical backdrop of the universe of pharmaceutical, built up the method of operations, the foundation of healing centers, and drugs.

In science, the Muslims presented the term soluble base, discover smelling salts, building refining or refining, screening and sublimation, presenting sulfur and nitric corrosive, advance glass and paper industry and additionally different creations.

At that point, in the regular sciences, the disclosure of the equalization, the pendulum of a clock, the investigation of optics, and has possessed the capacity to detail the contrast between the rate of light and the rate of sound, including the Muslims figured out how to locate the attractive compass innovation to know course of the wind. In arithmetic, the Muslims succeeded in building up a decimal count and squares, and also making different equations.

Counting cosmology, the Muslims figured out how to assemble the observatory telescope in Baghdad, Damascus, Alexandria, and different spots to watch the stars. While in geology, search to the spot that has not been aware of present circumstances and make maps. Staggering once ya ..

Another incredible improvements in the field of modern and ecological upkeep are likewise engraved by the Islamic human advancement. What’s more, the field of structural planning, water conveyance to homes, watering system framework to inundate rice fields et cetera.

Along these lines, don’t be amazed if there is an overall pioneer remarked, “The world owes an incredible arrangement to the Muslims who kept the light of science oblivious ages … ” This remark was said by CE Storrs.

Every one of that happens when the Muslims, particularly the adolescent stick to their religion and they trust that Islam is a wellspring of quality and human advancement that can produce a considerable measure of advancement in numerous regions of life, both material and otherworldly. Everything is driven just as by researchers Muslims, not uneven.

On the other hand, it appears there is something incorrectly in our instruction framework, demonstrated that happen in the field, to be specific the high-positioning State got to be leader of riches in a manner that is out of line so accordingly numerous destitute individuals are constantly expanded in every year. They are not inept scholastically, composition a normal of school graduates. Yet, on account of the absence of religious learning and energy they who make them that way.

What’s the matter with all that? The answer is instruction must be repaired. Not that this time we have one of the spots we learned in training. Be that as it may, which one is the framework. How philosophy under-accentuated. The verification that hour of religious direction just two hours a week, while the science or sociologies could be four hours. Yet Allah has said in Surah Al-Mujadilah verse 11, which peruses, “Allah will lift up the individuals who accept among you and the individuals who were given some level of learning and God is mindful of what you do”.

In this way, the proficient individuals should likewise comprehend Islamic instruction in light of the fact that we could be individuals who are not just scholastically smart. Be that as it may, likewise by confidence, love, and ethics ought to be maintained to mirror the upsides of Islams.

Note: Article is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya.





Easy Ways How to Keep Healthy by Dyah Sri Wulandari

easy way how to keep healthy
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How to Keep Healthy

Dyah Sri Wulandari
SRN: 1301120858

Health is a gift that is priceless, but sometimes, we forget to keep and grateful. How to run a healthy lifestyle was actually not difficult, simple and easy to do. You only need to pay attention to small everyday habits and if necessary, change it to make it more useful for health.
1. Breathe clean air
You can start by getting used to wake up in the morning, then you can exit the room and slowly inhale deeply. The morning air is the air which is very good for your body, because the morning air is usually not polluted from various types of pollution that usually happens during the day. How do I keep the air to keep them clean? We can do little things like trash in its place and try to plant some trees and bung-interest around your home. It can make your environment look cool and clean.
2. Exercise
Not just a few times a week, but try every day. Research has shown that exercise every day brings tremendous benefits for health, including being able to extend life, reduce the risk of disease, higher bone density and lose weight. You can take a walk around your home before starting other strenuous activity.
3. Break Enough
If you are busy at a time when the afternoon, try to keep enough rest at night. This break can be started with enough sleep. How many hours of sleep are healthy? Many researchers say that good sleep was seven hours. What if it is difficult to sleep? If you are not able to undergo sleep for 7 hours for their sleep disorders (insomnia), you can do relaxation. Relaxation can do such as drinking hot tea or hot chocolate, lie down, or shower with hot water. This relaxation can help you calm the mind. Once you begin to quiet your mind can sleep easily.
4. Increase Drinking Mineral Water
Drinking water is a healthy way of life naturally. You do not need to add anything into the water. Healthy white water helps expedite metabolism. Our body is in dire need of fluid element, solid activity causes the body to dehydrate so drink at least 8 degrees per day is a simple way to healthy living.
5. Eat 4 Healthy 5 Perfect
Eating healthy meals 5 perfect 4 is also a healthy diet, and at least 3 times a day. that the food was included in the definition of healthy foods containing five nutrients the body needs, among others carbohydrates, minerals, protein, vitamins and saturated fat in an amount not much. Avoid Eating Unfair. Unhealthy foods patterns in the womb is certainly fast food. Foods that have a high fat content, as well as alcoholic beverages and soda. Cigarettes are also a thing which is bad for your health,
6. Implementing Clean Life Ball
Keeping the daily environmental conditions are clean and healthy way of life. In addition to the comfort and health, a clean environment also creates the mood of your move. From this moment if your workplace scattered, begin cleaning it. Use a mask when doing clean-up so that dust does not enter the body.
7. Laugh
Do you believe if laughter can make the young? Besides being able to burn calories without realizing it, laugh too good for the heart because it will train the muscles of the diaphragm. Tips for a healthy lifestyle with a laugh has many proven its worth to make you stay young. Laughter also make our hearts become calm and happy. A calm heart makes a healthy soul.

Note: Article is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya.








7 Places in Indonesia those Must be Visited by Eka Saputri

places in Indonesia those must be visited
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7 Places in Indonesia those Must be Visited

Eka Saputri

Indonesia is an archipelago with a lot of natural resources, starting from the forest, sea, mountains, up to the lake. Until now, natural resources owned by Indonesia have many run into nature. Indonesian natural attractions are not only in Java or Bali but also spread from Sabang to merauke. If so far you think that Bali is the most beautiful island in Indonesia because of its beautiful beaches, it could be wrong. As it turns out in the other islands are still many natural attractions that you should explore. Here’s a list of 7 natural attractions in Indonesia that be must be visited at least once a lifetime.

1. Pulau Komodo di Kepulauan Nusa Tenggara
Who does not know the sights on this one?
As the name suggest, the island is a natural habitat of warm-blooded animals were famous, namely Komodo. Here you can see up close how the Komodo real life. You need to know that the island habitat of giant lizard have been recorded as a UNESCO world heritage. This is because Komodo can only be seen in this region.
Be given an appreciation of the world, the Komodo island fall into of seven best attraction in the world.

2. Raja Ampat di Papua
Located in West Papua, Raja Ampat is one of the interesting sights quite mandatory for you visit. The natural beauty that it offer will make the eyes of the beholder will forget for a moment that the weight will work routine.
In this place, visitors will be shown the world a beautiful sea with fish species that may have never met before. Raja Ampat in Papua is a haven for lovers of diving.

3. Gunung Bromo
You are a nature lover who likes to climb the mountain?
Then Mount Bromo is highly inappropriate for you to climb.
Mountains are located in East Java has a height of 2,329 meter below sea level.
The thing cannot be missed is seeing the sunset or sunrise on a mountain with views as if you are above the clouds.

4. Taman Laut di Bunaken
For nature lovers underwater, then it certainly will get to know the tourist attractiobs of this one. Yes, the tourist spot located on the island of Sulawesi has a stunning underwater scenery and very alluring.
You do not have to worry about diving equipment, because here has provided rental for diving and snorkeling. In this park grow diverse marine life that you can see while snorkeling or diving, even if lucky you can find starfish in the shallower areas.

5. Gunung Rinajni di Pulau Lombok
As one of the sights which offer the best view of the sunset, Mount Rinjani is mandatory to visit. The second highest mountain in Indonesia has a height of 3726 meters below the sea level.
Fatigue felt during a hike would be paid by the natural scenery you would never see anywhere else.
Climb Mount Rinjani you will be treated to views exotic tropical forest, savannas, and also a beautiful hilly region. Mount Rinjani is one of the favorite mountain climbers from around the world. From the top of Rinjani later you can enjoy the whole view of the island of Lombok, Bali and Sumba.

6. Danau Kelimutu di Flores
Lake Flores enterd in the the National Park is a national park Flores is the smallest of the six national parks in Bali and Nusa Tenggara. Although it is located in a secluded national park, but instead here there is super beautiful scenery from the summit of Mount Flores.
At the peak of Mount Flores there are three lakes with water of different colors. Three lakes is Lake Flores. The lake is believed to have the raw power of nature. Water from Lake Kelimutu can change color. Sometimes, the color can be blue, green and black, and another time can be white, red and blue. This color change cannot be predicted.

7. Danau Toba
Lake Toba is located in North Sumatera. Which makes this stunning lake is in the middle of the crystal clear lake water expanse there is an island with an area similar to the size of Singapore. The island called Pulau Samosir.
The lake is typical lake entitled “Samosir” this is the largest lake in Southeast Asia.
In addition to folklore, the lake is a very popular in the world because of the natural scenery is so spectacular.

Note: Article is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya.










How to Plant Flowers Well by Bona Lestari

tips how to plant flowers
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How to Plant Flowers

Bona Lestari

Class B

Make your home or garden a joyous and bright place to be by planting flowers nature’s own way of showing happiness. Follow these steps to make your favorite locations blissful with the addition flowers.

1. Get The Best Soil
Flowers, like all plants, need good soil in order to grow up strong and healthy. Regardless of weather you are planting your flowers in a pot or a garden, good soil is a must. Avoid soil that is heavy with clay, sand, or rocks,and that has a blanced pH near 7. Test your soil’s pH level to determine if you need to add anything.

2. Select Your Location
Although flowers are typically easy to grow, they can’t be grown just anywhere. An area with too much shade will be difficult for some flowers to grow in. Find a happy medium with a location that has sun and shade troughout the day.

3. Decide On Your Flowers
Visit a local gardening center to choose the best flowers for garden. Growing from seeds, a small plant, bulbs, or a cutting requires nearly the same process, so focus on flowers that you enjoy and that will add a beautiful appearance to your yard. Check the tags that come with the flowers or seed packets to make sure the flower is right for you.

4. Plant At The Right Time
Even with the perfect soil, ideal location, and healthy flowers, if you don’t plant at the right time your garden will be ruined. Flowers don’t do well in weather that is too cold or very hot, so go with the time in between these periods spring. Although planting in the spring may seem obvious, there is an art to choosing the perfect time.

5. Planting Your Flowers
Dig a hole, if you planting your flowers from seed, you will need to dig hole only 2-3 inches deep and equally as wide. Flowers don’t need to be smothered with soil, so burying them deep isn’t necessary. Place each plants into the individual holes prepared for them. Use to your hands to fill in the empty space around each flowers abd cover the top of root ball. Avoid adding much soil to the top of the flowers, the stem of the flowers should never be covered by the dirt.

6. Water Your Flowers Reguraly
Unless you are experiencing rain on daily basis, take the time to give water to your flowers. Add several tablespoons of water to each plant by using a watering can several feet above the flowers to avoid demaging the petals or leaves. You can also have a sprinkler or drip sydtem installed to do the work for you on an automated basis.

7. Weed The Area
You want your flowers to be the focal point of your little garden plot ,so don’t let weeds steal the show! As you see them appear, pull out unsightly weeds from the soil around your flowers.

8. Add Support
If your flowers are tall growing, over time they may become too heavy to sdand on their own. Add bamboo stekes or forked branches upright in the ground for the plants to lean against or wrap around for support.

Note: Article is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya.










The Types of Food and Tips to Avoid Stomach Acid by Ade Fitria Saderi Putri

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The Types of Food and Tips to Avoid Stomach Acid

Ade Fitria Saderi Putri
NIM: 1301120869
Class: B

Here are a few groceries for stomach acid to be consumed, to avoid disruption of stomach acid is getting worse :
1. Carrots
Carrots are known as a producer of vitamin A which is very good for the eyes. Carrots also contain calcium and other vitamins and other nutrients,which certainly would be very beneficial for health. Carrots also have high levels of antioxidants , as well as very safe for consumption by the interruption at the stomach acid, because carrots are not going to raise levels of stomach acid.

2. Broccoli
Broccoli has a lot of potassium,calcium, and fiber which is very useful for meeting the nutritional needs by AKG everyday. In addition, broccoli contains sulfur. Sulfur can function as an antioxidant and protective layer of the skin in the stomach.

3. Turmeric
Turmeric is a spice that is already very well known and commonly used in cooking or drunk as a mixture of herbs. Turmeric may help keep the increase of acid in the stomach, because turmeric is also already well known as an ulcer drug that works. Turmeric also has a high antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer.

4. Green Beans
Just like turmeric, green beans also very widely known as one of the foodstuffs that could treat stomach problems, including disorders of the stomach acid levels. The green beans were able to form layers in the stomach, which is useful to prevent acid re-flux , and has many other benefits for the body as carbohydrate-containing foods high.

5. Goat milk
Is a product of animal goats are much sought after as a source of vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. Besides being very useful for health, goat milk is also turned out very well as food for the stomach acid, because goat milk alkaline properties that are different from other types of milk.

6. Cucumbers
The long green has properties that can cool the symptoms of heat in certain parts of the body, in addition, cucumber also good for patients consumed the stomach acid, because it can reduce abdominal pain caused by rising levels of stomach acid in the body.

Tips to Avoid Stomach Acid Disorders

In addition to food for stomach acid consumption above, do health habits to avoid gastric acid disorder is :

1. Drink paint water
2. Do not drink coffee too thick
3. Reduce consumption of alcohol, coffee and tea
4. Eat less spicy and contain MSG
5. Reduce or stop eating processed food containing high acid, such as noodle, sticky rice , kale,cassava leaf vegetable, vegetable jack fruit,durian ,food containing cabbage,and more
6. Drink water regularly
7. Make a good stress management
8. Taking an indefinite enough

Note: Article is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya.









Journal Review: Age of Second-Language Acquisition and Perception of Speech in Noise

Review Journal




Age of second-language acquisition and perception of speech in noise
Journal Journal of speech, language, and hearing research (jslhr)
Download Http://
Volume and page Vol. 40 ; june 1997, hlm: 686–693
Years 1997
Writter Lynn hansberry mayo

Mary florentine

Søren buus

Reviewer Sabnawati
Date 27th may, 2017
Purpose of  research To determine if the listeners identified in florentine’s study are typical of non-native listeners and if age of second-language acquisition influences speech perception  in noise. Native mexican-spanish-speakers who learned american-english before age 6 or after age 14 were compared with a group of native american-english speakers.
Subject of research 1.      The monolingual group (mon) consisted of 9 listeners who learned english from birth and ranged in age from 20 to 29 years old.

2.      The bilingual-since-infancy group (bsi) included 3 listeners who could not determine which language they learned first, they were between 21 and 35 years old

3.      The bilingual-since-toddler group (bst) included 9 listeners who learned english as a second language before the age of 6. They were between 22 and 37 years old and spoke english for an average of 24 years (range: 17–32 years).

4.      The bilingual-post-puberty (bpp) group consisted of 9 listeners who learned english after the age of 14. They were between 21 and 49 years old and spoke english for an average of 9.4 years (range: 3– 26 years).

all listeners were university students and reported using english for daily communication.

Data source The research uses several ways :

1.      Spin test

2.      Observations

3.      Data analysis

Method of research The  research use two methods:

1.      Quantitative component

2.      Qualitative method

Stage of  result The research is divided into several stages :

1.      Preparing for make a group to each listener

2.      Setting up the matter of  pretest and posttest for get the result on listener that learning a second language at an early age is important for the ability to understand it in noisy situations.

Result of research 1. Highly proficient non-native listeners who learned

English after puberty perform worse in noise than listeners

Who learned the language as infants or toddlers,

Although all listeners performed with native-like proficiency

(better than 96% correct) in the quiet.

2. The slopes of the psychometric functions for early

Bilinguals indicate that they can take better advantage

Of context than listeners who acquired their second language

After puberty.

3. Although early bilinguals demonstrate significantly

Better speech-discrimination-in-noise skills than listeners

Who learned the language after puberty, they may

Not function at the same level as monolinguals, who demonstrate

Higher ntls and steeper psychometric functions.

Although early second-language acquisition is advantageous

For listening in noise, interference from a first language

May reduce even an early-bilingual listener’s ability

To perceive second-language speech in noise.

Strength ofresearch Using many theories of second-language acquisition suggest that age of acquisition , which it is supporting this study.
Weakness ofresearch 1.      Quantitative component

Detail about the pretest and posttestwas not included, so it does not convince the reader that strategy was carried out or not.

2.      Using a few method, it make difficult for researcher to get the result of this research.


Conclusion 1.      This research is still in need of repair, so it needs for criticism and suggestions.

2.      This research is interesting to do in the next research for who want learn more about Age of second-language acquisition and perception of speech in noise.

Journal Review: Second Language Acquisition: A Case Study

Review Journal




Second Language Acquisition : A Case Study
Journal IOSR Journal Of Humanities and Social Science
Volume and Page Vol. 19, No. 10; October 2014, Hlm: 65-68
Years 2014
Writter Koutsompou Violetta-Irene
Reviewer Esti Rahmawati
Date 3th June, 2016
Purpose of  Research The purpose of this study is the case study presented in the journal, deals with the subject of second language acquisition making at the same time on effort to show as much as possible how L1, was acquired and the ways L1, affected L2, through the process of examining a Greek girl who has been exposed to the English language from the age of eight
Subject of Research A Greek girl who has been exposed to the English language from the age of eight
Data Source The Research uses several ways :

1.    Seeking data

2.    Interview

3.    Recording

Method of Research The  Research Use two Methods:

1.    Qualitative Method

2.    Type of method is Case Study

Stage of  Result The Research is divided into several stages :

1.    Seeking data on the stage

2.    Interview both of the child and his parent

3.    Used tape recording

Result of Research The Analysis Result of  The Research Conducted is :

  1. Found the difficult of the Greek girl, and give solution if the subject can learn new words and practice English can use in them in either speaking and writing.
Strength ofResearch 1.    This research is the great experience for the researcherand the other because this study to observe an individual in an issue of great concern in the field of language

2.    This study using study case for finding the concerning issues such as age, social, family background and others.

3.    For the researchers or the reader can know the difficult about the speaking section.

Weakness ofResearch
  1. The researcher tell this study if the study cannot written more about the child examined but the study requires a lot of analysis which, unfortunately, there is no opportunity to conduct.
Conclusion 1.    This study tell about the child examined is not affected negatively by the fact that everything the researcher talk

2.    This study talk about concerning issues such as age, social and family background, personal characteristics, age, sex, motivation, environment, parental education and financial situation for we will have the chance to understand how the above factors played either a negative or a positive role in acquiring L2