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Some Tricks of Learning English Listening
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Some Tricks of Learning English Listening

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In many English examination or test, listening section always become the hardest section between the other section like structure, reading, and speaking. The time that is given in the test is very fast and then the unclear pronunciation from the native speaker. People always make it as the reason why many people failed and cannot pass listening test with a good score. What is the problem about that? Do not judge the listening learning method which is used in course or the style of delivering from the teacher which is not suitable. But ask to yourself. Have you familiar with English?

The grammar comprehension can be improved because of practicing grammar items, speaking skill, and pronunciation can be improved by practicing speaking in English, and then how listening skill can be improved? Same as the other English skills, listening skill can be improved naturally if we can be familiar with the English listening conversation. But, we have to remember, listening in English does not mean “listen” (mendengar), but it means “gather” (menyimak). So today you have to try to listen every conversation in the listening section.

In learning English listening, we must have much patience. Because making our ears familiar with the English listening is not an easy job. Adaption skill that people have is also different. People who have been familiar with English songs or English conversation will be easier to adapt with listening. Learning listening will also be easier for those who are in the English environment. Logically, we have to know the way of reading well before we can write well. As well as we have to learn English listening first, before at the end we can improve our speaking skill fluently.

These are some tips how to learn English listening

1. Practicing by Listening English Radio
You have to find English radio station in the internet. You have to choose the station which you like. As often as you practice will be help you to be familiar with pronunciation, conversation, and terms in English.
2. Practicing by Watching English Movie Without Subtitle
This way is one of the interesting learning English. You can choose the movie that you really like. The concept of the movie has gesture and body language, and it will be easier to be learned.
3. Practicing by Listening English Songs
By doing this you can be familiar with English listening. Music is one of the interesting media which is easy to be remembered and learned.
4. Joining Listening Class
This is the last way to learn listening. You can join listening class everywhere you want. If you join this, you will be taught by the tutor who really mastered this material.

Note: Article is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya.



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