Journal Review: Effect of Using Video Materials in the Teaching of Listening Skills for University Students

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Title Effect of Using Video Materials in the Teaching of Listening Skills for University Students
Journal International Journal of Linguistics
Volume & Page Vol.6 No.4 Page 200-212 2014
Year 2014
Author KretsaiWoottipong
Reviewer Sugiannor (1101120705)
Date 22 May 2016


Purpose the research The purposes of the study are:

To develop listening skills of university students studying English with the use of video materials.

To evaluate students’ attitudes towards the use of video materials in teaching listening skills.

Subject the research The subject of this study is 41 first-year English major students in the second semester of the academic year 2012 at Thaksin University, Thailand. They were selected by random sampling.
Data assessment ·     Pretest-posttest

·     Questionnaire

Methodology Experimental Group (One Group)
Procedures The procedures of the study were :

The learning procedures and learning objectives were described to the students step-by-step.

The students took the pre-test.

The students learned with the video, covering 20 periods over 7 weeks.

The group was assigned to do the post- test.

The scores on the pre-test and post-test were statistically analyzed, compared, and interpreted using mean and t-test for dependent samples.

The students in the experimental group were assigned to respond to a questionnaire regarding their attitude towards the use of videos in teaching listening skills.

The results from the questionnaire were used to calculate the mean score of a particular comment and overall comments in order to gauge the students’ opinions.

Result The result of this study were :

According to the result of the t-test which was -20.248, it can be concluded that the learning achievement of students’ post-test is higher than the pre-test at a significance level of 0.05. The students’ English listening comprehension ability increased significantly after learning with the videos.

Students had positive attitudes towards using the videos in teaching listening skills.

The Strength of the research ·     There are many references in this study

·     The writer included good explanation in introduction

The Weakness of the research In methodology, the writer only has one group. It should be compared in two groups. One of control group, and the other of experimental group.

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