Journal Review: Second Language Acquisition: A Case Study

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Journal Review




Second Language Acquisition : A Case Study
Journal IOSR Journal Of Humanities and Social Science
Volume and Page Vol. 19, No. 10; October 2014, Hlm: 65-68
Years 2014
Writter Koutsompou Violetta-Irene
Reviewer Esti Rahmawati
Date 3th June, 2016
Purpose of  Research The purpose of this study is the case study presented in the journal, deals with the subject of second language acquisition making at the same time on effort to show as much as possible how L1, was acquired and the ways L1, affected L2, through the process of examining a Greek girl who has been exposed to the English language from the age of eight
Subject of Research A Greek girl who has been exposed to the English language from the age of eight
Data Source The Research uses several ways :

1.    Seeking data

2.    Interview

3.    Recording

Method of Research The  Research Use two Methods:

1.    Qualitative Method

2.    Type of method is Case Study

Stage of  Result The Research is divided into several stages :

1.    Seeking data on the stage

2.    Interview both of the child and his parent

3.    Used tape recording

Result of Research The Analysis Result of  The Research Conducted is

– Found the difficult of the Greek girl, and give solution if the subject can learn new words and practice English can use in them in either speaking and writing.

Strength ofResearch 1.    This research is the great experience for the researcherand the other because this study to observe an individual in an issue of great concern in the field of language

2.    This study using study case for finding the concerning issues such as age, social, family background and others.

3.    For the researchers or the reader can know the difficult about the speaking section.

Weakness ofResearch The researcher tell this study if the study cannot written more about the child examined but the study requires a lot of analysis which, unfortunately, there is no opportunity to conduct.
Conclusion 1.    This study tell about the child examined is not affected negatively by the fact that everything the researcher talk

2.    This study talk about concerning issues such as age, social and family background, personal characteristics, age, sex, motivation, environment, parental education and financial situation for we will have the chance to understand how the above factors played either a negative or a positive role in acquiring L2

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