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How to Keep Relationship between Friends
How to keep Relationship between Friends
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How to Keep Relationship among Friends

Nana Apriliana
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1. Often give helped to your friend if you can. Do not hope your friend will reply your helped
2. Do not be jealous of her, he does have an advantage, but we are too. The advantages and disadvantages with her will not be always the same.

3. When condition support, make a kidding with friends. Make her laugh and that more state support again, let interlude ridicule but not too deep.

4. Do not hesitate to apologize if doing wrong. And most importantly, do not always feel the most correct.

5. If it is not a serious problem, face it with a smile. Create a more relaxed atmosphere to avoid a fuss.

6. Be a good listener and give a solution to every problem he. If so, he must do the same.

7. At times, we sacrifice for him. Not something heavy if it is not too detrimental.

8. Mutual visiting each place, also can be a way to maintain friendly relations.

9. Trying to close to his family. To make your stay comfortable atmosphere when there is in place a friend.

10. When you are forced to compete, compete for someone for example. Compete to be healthier or better yet succumb to a friend. We could for another time, sure anything with it.

Note: Article is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya.




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