Speech Script: Ramadhan Fasting by Eni Andri Ani


Eni Andri Ani
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Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

The honorable Mr. Aris Sugianto, M.Pd. As a Public Speaking Lecturer and Respectable all my beloved friends.

First of all, let’s express our gratitude unto the Allah SWT, The lord of the world who always gives us blessings and mercies. So we can attend and gather in this nice place in good condition and happy situation.

Secondly, Sholawat and Salam always be with our Prophet Muhammad SAW, who has guided us from the darkness to the lightness in the world as well as in the next world.

Thirdly, I will never forget to thank Mr. Aris Sugianto who has given me opportunity to deliver my speech in front of you all. In this occasion, I would like to present my speech entitled: “FASTING”.
Fasting is to refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.

The holy month Ramadhan has a special place in Islam. Therefore, Our Prophet Muhammad SAW and his disciples show great concern for this noble month.

In the Chapter Al-Baqarah verse 183 Allah SWT saying :

Means: those who believe in the compulsory upon you fast as enjoined upon those before you that you to devout.

Fasting is decreed by Allah SWT to the nation of Prophet Muhammad SAW and in the same way, He had decreed to the nations before them. According to a tradition of the prophet that every good work of Adam’s offspring is rewarded by a margin between tenfold to seven hundred fold except fasting.

In this regard Allah SWT says: “Fasting is for me and i will reward it in accordance with the degree of dedication and sincerity in the act of fasting”.

All my happy friends,,,

The Prophet Muhammad SAW urges Muslims to do fasting seriously and to avoid actions or utterances that would spoil their fasting or invalidate it completely.

Our prophet Muhammad SAW give his example in his famous narrate saying: “One who didn’t keep of his fasting he would not reach anything except thirst and hunger ”.

In the holy month of Ramadhan, every Muslim is urged not only to abstain from food, drink, and sex, but also from sins that can be committed through the eyes, ears , lips and heart.

“If my nation know the virtues of Ramadhan they would have wished the whole year to be Ramadhan”.
And indeed, this will be true that Ramadhan is a month in which the doors of heaven are opened , the doors of hell are closed and the major devils , all are chained to help Muslims to worship Allah with dedication.

Similarly, he urged his followers to enliven these nights to search the special night which is called “ Lailatul Qadr “ in which angels are led by Gabril descend on earth and pray for mercy for the faithful.

That’s all my speech, please forgive me if you found a lot of mistakes, I do appreciate to your nice attention, my God bless us forever.

Thank you very much, good morning.

Wassalamu a’laikum Wr. Wb.

Note: This speech script is not edited. It was presented in Public Speaking Class in State Islamic Institute of Palangka Raya. Perhaps this publication is useful for students/people who are browsing the example of English speech (Islamic English speech).


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