Journal Review: Effects of Listening Strategy Training for EFL Adult Listeners

Journal Review

Tittle Effects of Listening Strategy Training for EFL Adult Listeners
Journal Asia TEFL
Volume & pages Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 135-169
Years 2010
Writer Ai-hua Chen
Reviewer Somia Salsabila (1401120953)
Date  22 Mei 2016


The purpose of research The purpose of this study is to know the effects of using strategy training for EFL listener on their listening processing and production.
Subject of research The subject of research is students college of Taiwanese
Assessment data This study collect data were used pre-test and post-test by questionnaire
Research methodology This research were used method quantitative take pre-test and post-test containing:

1.    Listening comprehension strategy questionnaire

2.    Listening comprehension test

3.    Self-rated listening scale

4.    Reflective journal

Steps of  research Steps of research :

1. The participants divide into two groups/classes with treatment and controlled class

2. Each of the class, class A (treatment)consisting of 35 students received listening strategy training, while class B (control) consisting of 36 students without any strategy training

3. Both the treatment and control classes were taught by the same instructor. In class, participants used the same listening materials, including the textbook, other supplementary daily-life authentic audio and video clips (around 140 words/minute, range from 1-3 minutes) and listening proficiency test practices

4. To collect the data, the participants must followed pre-test and post-test

The results of research The results of this research that there were found greater changes for the treatment class than for the control class. It mean that there were effects from using strategy training for EFL students. This strategy to help students  improving the skills in learning listening comprehension  and this strategy also to enhance their listening comprehension.
Strength of research – Many comparison on others country and university/schools by using strategy in learn listening.  It mean to make the research should be do because we able to know differences using strategy training or no in learning listening comprehension especially EFL students.

– This research has introductory in first paragraph include overall the journal, it will make the reader can be prediction what is the discuss

Weakness of research – To collecting data, the writer  just using one method, that is questionnaire. To collecting data the writer should be using several method to give strength information or results.

– Strategy used in research nothing describes

Summary  The name of college to research in Taiwan not mentioned